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Seguchi Tohma [userpic]

I'm staying put

December 23rd, 2011 (11:35 pm)

I know there is like this..mass exodus to Dreamwidth but I'm not going. Yes..I did go and look and I just can't get the hang of the place. I don't like how it looks and every place I click that I think it will take me to one page ends up taking me to a completely different page and I end up going in circles. Its frustrating.

So I'm staying where I am. yes the new format is weird and it got rid of some of the stuff that is actually convenient for RPing and whatnot..but LJ has been my social network home since 2003. I really can't get used to any of these other social medias. Even twitter is hard and frustrating sometimes.

Facebook is okay for some things but when I want to post my personal thoughts and feelings..this is the place I want to do it. This is the journal I rely on for staying in touch with people. I don't want to have to shorten what I want to say. I don't want to have it posted for not only friends, but people I vaguely know from conventions, and even for my entire family to see. Lets face it..I've said things on here that my family doesn't even know about. They have no idea I went through all that emotional shit a few months back. And I like to keep it that way.

Does this mean I'll eventually phase out of RPing because everyone is moving to dreamwidth? Maybe. And..maybe I'm okay with that. I've used the new format and for what we do at Compound, I don't see any issues with it. It hasn't given me any problems yet. I know it could only be a matter of time..but whatever. If everyone wants to go elsewhere, then..fine. Go. Leave the old dog to her old tech. I'm fine here and I'll find others who are too if I really feel like putting that much effort into it.

I'm done paying for accounts and icons and all that shit. Because it seems like I'm the only that cares sometimes and I'm done putting effort in and being the only one. I've wasted enough money on this site. I'm not doing it at any others.

So everyone who is fleeing, have fun and enjoy your new shiny place. I'll be here in my rocking chair, letting the dust settle around me in my old busted home. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Seguchi Tohma [userpic]

Nothing all that new

December 11th, 2011 (09:15 pm)

Nothing all that new to report but seeing how I haven't posted since last Sunday I figured I was due. Need to try and update this thing a little more regularly since I do check it everyday. I just get too lazy to actually type anything up.

There really isn't anything to report. Been working a lot of really early and really late hours because of the holiday. Just finished six days in a row. I have tomorrow off and Im going to try and finish Christmas presents and maybe get things boxed up and ready to mail out. I'm surprisingly a head of schedule compared to last year. I'm also hoping the fabric I ordered 3 weeks ago will show up tomorrow. That as the first and last time I order anything from Joanns.com.

I've been thinking about my year and there are several costumes I really really hope to do. I have some big groups I'll be doing things with which is very exciting.

-Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura for Otakon. This has been on the "to-do" list for years. I wanted to cosplay him before I even wanted to cosplay Syaoran. But I couldn't figure out a way to make the wings look right. He has very interesting wings and I just didn't think turkey feathers would have the look I wanted. Well..I figured out what I am going to do and I think they are going to be AMAZING. Expensive..but amazing. I'm not going to reveal too much yet.Not until I know whether I can actually afford it. This is for a big CCS/Clow Card group that is gathering for Otakon but I have a feeling I'll be wearing Yue a lot this year.

-Hera from Saint Seiya for Otakon. I figure that is as soon as I can afford to get it done. This has also been on the to-do list for several years...basically since I worked at Joanns and that was 6 years ago. I finally think I might be at the level to be able to tackle it. And thanks to Kakyou I now own an airbrush, which was the one item I thought I would need to do this costume justice. Another expensive cosplay but since Lyn has plans to do Saint Seiya stuff too..I figure its time to get my butt in gear so I can join her!

-WCS costume for Katsucon. Yes..still a secret. I already have the three layers cut out and the lining for the first layer is all sewn and on the dressform. This is going to be a true test of my skills and yet I'm really excited for all the different things I am doing. There will be gradient dying, embroidery, air brushing, resin, bead making..I really hope it all comes together to make something very elegant.

-Suboshi from Fushigi Yuugi for Katsucon. I love Fushigi Yuugi and Suboshi's ending outfit was one of my first costumes ever. I'm finally doing his default outfit and it looks really good on the dressform. I'm very excited. Plus I will have an Amiboshi and a huge group thanks to Starlighthoney's group. It's really going to be awesome to have a large FY cast. We have all the Suzaku seishi, Soi, Tomo, Me and Amiboshi, Suzaku and maybe Seiryu so far. We really need to find a Nakago though.

-Cain from Trinity Blood for Animazement (remake). Yep..I'm thinking about remaking him. Since Utai is doing Seth I figured it might be time to pull it out of the closet and update it. It was a test of my skills all those years ago. Now that I know more about sewing and construction I though it was a good time to redo him. I've always wanted to anyway.

-Wild Tiger's Hero Suit from Tiger and Bunny. I SOOOOOOO want to do this. Like BAD. Every time I see someone who has done one or see pictures of the figures I'm just like..I need to do this. It would be so awesome. I am such a hardcore Tiger fangirl and to have his suit would be like..Awesome. I just don't know how to fit it in with all these other big projects. It's going to be a crazy year.

Okay so enough of that XD Wish me luck on all these crazy projects.

Anyway..I'm going back to watching my football game now. Hope everyone is having a good holiday season!

Seguchi Tohma [userpic]

2012 Conventions

December 4th, 2011 (01:08 am)

Okay..so I figured I better write this stuff down before I forget what I'm doing. Plus this has hotel info and whatnot that some people would probably be interested in.

2012 plans
Ichibancon - January 5-8
--Hotel: Me, Kakyou, Aspen + 1, Ali (with 5 people it is roughly $72 a piece)
--Costumes: Kotetsu or Barnaby, Ravage?, Rin?..still not sure what to wear
--Plans: Craft fair on Thurs, Craftsmanship contest

Katsucon - February 17-19
--Hotel (in Laura's name): Me, Pam, David, Kakyou, Susan +2
--Costumes: Kotetsu or Barnaby, Rin, WCS outfit, Ellis (left 4 dead), Suboshi (FY)
--plans: Masquerade and WCS contest

Mysticon - February 24-26
--Costumes: Ashera (fire emblem), Ellis?, not sure what else
--Plans: Running Craftsmanship contest, Panels

Nashicon - March 31-April 1
--Hotel: With Morgan and Kat?
--Costumes: Not all that sure..
--Plans: Dealer's Room(have badges for myself, Aspen, 2 others (maybe Pam)), Costume Contest

Animazement - May 24-27
--Hotel: Me, Pam?, David?, Kakyou, Laura/Angie/Katie if come down
--Costumes: maybe Alexiel, maybe Cain, maybe Ravage
--Plans: Dealer's Room, Craftsmanship

Anime Mid-Atlantic - June 15-17
--Hotel: With rest of LMC
--Costumes: WCS costume, Mikage (07-ghost), who knows what else
--Plans: Artist Alley, Masquerade, maybe hall costume

Otakon - July 27-29
--Hotel: Me, Aspen, will be looking for others
--Costumes: WCS costume, Hera from Saint Seiya, Cain from Trinity Blood, Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura (3 costumes with wings...maybe a bad idea)
--Plans: None really

Dragoncon - August 31-Sept 3 (if i can afford it)
--Hotel: With Morgan's crew
--Costumes: its too early to say
--Plans: Just run around and be crazy

And then Nekocon and AWA but I don't really have anything set in stone for them yet. It's going to be a busy year..but I have a feeling its going to be a fun one.

If anyone needs a hotel room at any of the cons mentioned, let me know. If anyone is a question mark for a room..I'll have to know a positive yes/no in the future.

And thats what my year looks like so far!

Seguchi Tohma [userpic]

its been awhile

November 21st, 2011 (09:37 pm)

I'm alive, I swear! I hadn't realized it had been so long since I updated. Not that there is a terribly large amount to report.

Nekocon happened. We won Best in Show for the third year in a row. So we are officially retiring from Nekocon masquerade competition. It's been fun but we said if we won 3x then we would stop. It was also the first time that we have gone under our group name. From this point on we shall be known as "Last Minute Cosplay"!! It's kind of been a joke for awhile but with the WCS stuff going on we decided to make it official. Its time to focus on Katsucon and the crazyness that will be that convention x_x Yes..we are doing WCS. No..we are not all super OMG Serious business about it. I just want to do it, say I did it once, and see what it is like. I know what kind of competition is going to be there and I'm a realist XD

Also, kousuke_no_baka came and visited for a week and a half ^^ It was fun and there was much Nekocon sweatshopping LOL. There was a Cosplay Flash Mob thing on that Saturday she was here so we went to the mall dressed in Vocaloid wigs. We didn't want to do anything too crazy XD But we went all over and got some very interesting looks but since it was the Saturday before Halloween people just figured we were going to a costume party.

We went to a Haunted Forest and a haunted house while she was here. On Halloween I went to work dressed as Rin (Ao no Exorcist) and then went home, got Ravage..and went back to work to show everyone my transformer costume XD It was kind of amazing. And then I went to downtown Elkin and walked the streets as Ravage. It always gets such amazing reactions..doesn't even have to be a convention.

And we made this video with sabermonk because Tiger and Bunny and Origami are cool and would make an epic boyband with dance moves like these. Everyone should watch because I watch it everyday and it makes me smile every time XD!! I think we should do something like this at every convention we go to. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bFHoSXlH-0

Dealer's room was a nice change. Shorter hours, decent traffic and more interesting scenery then we would have in the artist alley. Would definitely do it again.

As far as work..there has been a string of armed robberies in my area, including the store that is about three down from where I work and the Dollar General across the street. It's scary and we've been doing all this stuff to try and protect ourselves. We will now have a police officer in the building on Friday and Saturday nights and they are supposed to patrol the shopping center as a whole every night. There was like..4 robberies all last week. It's really crazy.

Also, I'd like to say that lionboogy is AWESOME. When I got home from Nekocon I had the coolest package ever waiting for me. Transformers!! Big Optimus Prime that only took me an hour to transform into a truck..I was so proud of myself XD There was also 2 more Transformers and a Bumblebee style Camero. I'm going to do a whole little Transformer shrine and take ridiculous amounts of pictures XD I'll probably put it in my sewing room.

Which brings me to the sewing room. We've moved all my sewing stuff upstairs into what used to be the spare bedroom. It's kind of nice to have my own little space. I still have to organize it a little and move more of my stuff upstairs but overall its been nice.

I also have been working on Suboshi for the Fushigi Yuugi group at Katsucon. I'm actually amazed with how well it is turning out. I expected it to give me a lot of issues for some reason..and I spent a long time plotting it out because the anime outfit is slightly different then the artbook/manga outfit. I ended up going with the artbook/manga version because it seemed easier and to make more sense. Oh man though...so much ugly orange and blue LOL.

And thats really about it. I'd do a convention report but at this point I'm not sure I'd remember everything that happened.

Seguchi Tohma [userpic]


October 3rd, 2011 (11:00 pm)

Oh AWA...I wish I knew what to think about you at this very moment. But right now I'm still on the fence. Well lets just do a day by day account and see if I can figure it out by the end.

The con of linesCollapse )

There were so many irritating moments this convention that I really don't know how to rate it. And yet..there were probably as many high moments as there were irritations. So AWA..gets a mediocre rating. Hanging out with lots of people was perfect and fun and the best part of this con. The delays, the staff, and general running of the convention sucked.

Sorry for no pictures in the entry but maybe I can put up a few in another one. I actually don't have any on my camera of my costumes so I will have to share ones from other people as they come in.

Seguchi Tohma [userpic]

AWA Time

September 28th, 2011 (10:26 pm)

Okay its that time again. Anime Weekend Atlanta time!

I don't know if I ever actually posted a schedule. I've been kind of lazy << So here you go..

Thursday - Super Happy Fun Sale (must sell lots of stuff!)
--Rin from Ao No Exorcist (yep, totally finished it)

--Kotetsu from Tiger and Bunny
--Fai from TSubasa (manga coat) - Photoshoot with Blake (w/Chiki as Chii!)
--Shiki from Togainu no Chi (maybe, or Tiger again)

--Shinra from Durarara!! - Photoshoot with Soulfire (w/Zip as Celty!)
--Ravage from Transformers (for the contest..the one and only time for him most likely) - Photoshoot with Lionboogy
--Either Rin, Shiki, or Tiger

--Fai from Tsubasa (butterfly kimono) - Photoshoot with Soulfire

And I think that is all I have packed. My nights are kind of open to whatever I have the energy to wear. Particularly Saturday after the contest.

Hope to see some of you there!

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work..i hate you

September 10th, 2011 (08:23 pm)

So I found out yesterday that our previous store manager screwed up and told us all the wrong numbers that we have to meet in sales. Which mean I should have gotten a big raise in February..and didn't because he went by the wrong chart. ANd no, they aren't going to correct his mistake. The only good thing is that when I get my review this coming February, I should get a raise unless something dramatic happens and I somehow don't make my sales over the busy season (Which is unlikely). But grrrr..thats a whole year of extra wages I am not getting.

Work overall has been boring and irritating. I am very very sick of retail, but there really are no other options around here. And my degree isn't good for a whole lot, I admit it. So for now I'm stuck until I win the lottery or come up with some amazing plan to break myself out of the mind numbing and patience testing world of retail.

So now that Dragoncon is over I need to start getting things ready for AWA. I'm trying to get Ravage fixed up and ready for the costume contest. It will be the only time I compete in the transformer so he needs to be perfect. I'm going to remake the legs and clean up the chest piece as well as remake the tail. I'm going to try and tie the tail up over the back so that it kind of floats over my body..somehow. I also want to find a way to connect it to my body so that the chest cavity doesn't slide forward like it wants to. PLus I'm creating a spine piece to connect the chest piece and the butt so that the butt won't slide. It might look like a whole new robot when I get done with it. Also if I can figure out eye holes that would be great -_-

Beyond that I need to finish Shinra (Durarara!!) and fix up Tiger. Might even wear the butterfly kimono since I only wore it for about an hour at Otakon.

In other news, my parents are thinking about moving. I guess the plan is for them to move back to NY and leave my sister and I down here. Its going to be interesting if it actually happens..

Thats really about it for now.

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Dragoncon 2011 Report

September 8th, 2011 (12:11 am)

This is going to be a very brief report because..well I didn't really do a whole lot nor do I remember a lot of it. But here we go.

because they always ended up longer then I intendCollapse )

Overall..probably my favorite Dragoncon ever. Mostly thanks to the events of Saturday night and Sunday. I hung out with people more at this con then I did at the other two and I think it was because I knew more people this time or managed to run into them more often. It was nice to have people to talk to versus wandering aimlessly.

It really was a lot of fun though. I had debated about going back next year, but after the fun I had this year I think I will go ahead and do it. I'll buy my ticket as soon as I can afford to.

Next up..Anime Weekend Atlanta.

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August 28th, 2011 (07:27 pm)

Oh man..um..so yeah, been busy XD Except not really. Well..I'm getting ready for Dragoncon but it is 75% old costumes so I've basically just been fixing things up and getting them ready to go. This is what I am taking:

-Ravage from Transformers for epic fun TF times with Lionboogy Bumblebee. Should I really be hanging with the robot that killed me in the movie? Hmm...

-Elizabeth from PotC for cosplay contest on Friday. I think I've lost it..I never wanted to compete at Dragoncon but I figure why not? Don't expect much but might as well see what it is like and then decide to never do it again XD

-Rorschach from Watchmen for the parade. I haven't worn him since last year and hopefully my eyes don't hate me forever for wearing the mask again LOL. But I love this costume and this is the one con where it actually fits.

-Scott Pilgrim from Scott Pilgrim vs the World. A new outfit. Lionboogy suggested it a couple months ago and I figured, eh wth? So I'll be wearing this with GreatSG and his pal who are doing Gideon and Lucas. Plus Bish and friend are doing Ramona and Roxie so we could have a pretty awesome group if we manage to all hook up at the same time.

-Yip Yip from Sesame Street. Yes. You read that right. IT WILL BE AWESOME. It's Lionboogy's stuff, I'm just wearing it LOL

-And my new new one. Kotetsu/Wild Tiger from "Tiger and Bunny" Because he's a super hero..and why wouldn't super heroes go to a super hero convention?

And another tiger pic under here because i love my shoes and it shows my shoesCollapse )

So yeah, I'll be heading to GreatSG's place on Wednesday night and will head from there to the convention on Friday morning. See some of you there!

Seguchi Tohma [userpic]

Not so exciting Life

August 11th, 2011 (09:57 pm)

Nothing really has been going on. I was without internet for about a day since there was some Century Link failure going on. It was annoying but it is back and at least I had my phone to keep me somewhat entertained.

I've started working on the new costumes. Tiger is almost done but his vest gave me a hell of a time. I made the button area too long at first and so I had to remake it since I already had the buttonholes cut out. ANd so now the lining looks like crap but at least I can wear it and it looks like it should. I also finished his tie and hat so all I need are his manly arm accessories and his mask. Next up will be fixing up Ravage for Dragoncon but hopefully that won't take too long.

Work has been kind of meh..last weekend was incredible stressful. I was all alone on the busiest days of the week, plus they didn't realize that we were open until 10 both nights instead of our normal 9 and didn't figure it out until halfway through Friday. So I had to stay an extra hour both days, and then my help at night called out so I was all alone for about five hours each day which is a bad thing in my department on the weekends. Luckily it wasn't too bad and didn't get to a point where i couldn't handle it. But yeah, it was a very long weekend and I was exhausted by Monday. I was able to recover with two days off though. I am getting so tired of retail though x_x

I have been trudging through Naruto. I am up to Shippuden episode 195. A whole season of filler is really annoying though. I'm ready for it to get back into the plot. After I catch up on Naruto..it will be time to catch up on Bleach. Oh boy...I think I'm even farther behind in that.

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