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Seguchi Tohma [userpic]

work..i hate you

September 10th, 2011 (08:23 pm)

So I found out yesterday that our previous store manager screwed up and told us all the wrong numbers that we have to meet in sales. Which mean I should have gotten a big raise in February..and didn't because he went by the wrong chart. ANd no, they aren't going to correct his mistake. The only good thing is that when I get my review this coming February, I should get a raise unless something dramatic happens and I somehow don't make my sales over the busy season (Which is unlikely). But grrrr..thats a whole year of extra wages I am not getting.

Work overall has been boring and irritating. I am very very sick of retail, but there really are no other options around here. And my degree isn't good for a whole lot, I admit it. So for now I'm stuck until I win the lottery or come up with some amazing plan to break myself out of the mind numbing and patience testing world of retail.

So now that Dragoncon is over I need to start getting things ready for AWA. I'm trying to get Ravage fixed up and ready for the costume contest. It will be the only time I compete in the transformer so he needs to be perfect. I'm going to remake the legs and clean up the chest piece as well as remake the tail. I'm going to try and tie the tail up over the back so that it kind of floats over my body..somehow. I also want to find a way to connect it to my body so that the chest cavity doesn't slide forward like it wants to. PLus I'm creating a spine piece to connect the chest piece and the butt so that the butt won't slide. It might look like a whole new robot when I get done with it. Also if I can figure out eye holes that would be great -_-

Beyond that I need to finish Shinra (Durarara!!) and fix up Tiger. Might even wear the butterfly kimono since I only wore it for about an hour at Otakon.

In other news, my parents are thinking about moving. I guess the plan is for them to move back to NY and leave my sister and I down here. Its going to be interesting if it actually happens..

Thats really about it for now.


Posted by: Aduial (aduial_peredhel)
Posted at: September 11th, 2011 12:40 am (UTC)

I am glad you and I are in different division levels at AWA. I would stand no chance against you.

Any particular reason your parents are thinking of moving that you care to share? It seems rather sudden (then again, it's your family and they may have been considering it a while, something I'm not privy to being an outsider).

Posted by: Seguchi Tohma (tohma2004)
Posted at: September 11th, 2011 01:30 am (UTC)
Rorschach stare

XD Ravage will be an intersting entry. I'm just hoping they have the ramp up to the stage like they did last year.

Well I guess most of it is because my father still can't find work down here and my mom isn't happy where she is. So they figure if they move back to NY my father will have more luck and she can get a job that she doesn't hate going to. At least those are the reasons they have given. I don't think my mom has ever really been happy about moving down here.

Posted by: Serafaina (serafaina)
Posted at: September 11th, 2011 07:22 am (UTC)

So like, leave you in the same house, they just wouldn't be in it?

This is an interesting turn of events. ARE THEY GOING BACK TO ELBA? I always find the Elba -> Elkin funny, and Elba-> Elkin -> Elba is only funnier.

Posted by: Seguchi Tohma (tohma2004)
Posted at: September 11th, 2011 06:00 pm (UTC)

Yep, pretty much. We would basically rent the house and my father would keep the mortgage. I think its their way of having a place to keep the horses and not have to take them back to NY with them.

And I don't know if they are going back to Elba XD I'm not exactly sure what the plan is.

Posted by: empress_tigress (empress_tigress)
Posted at: September 11th, 2011 10:30 am (UTC)

If you can, hire a lawyer to sue for your back pay. That's some complete bullshit.

Posted by: LionBoogy (lionboogy)
Posted at: September 21st, 2011 07:07 am (UTC)

Here's something to cheer you up! :) hehehehehehehe


Posted by: Seguchi Tohma (tohma2004)
Posted at: September 21st, 2011 05:20 pm (UTC)

Oh man XD My poor kitty butt LOL! That definitely made me laugh.

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